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PIST Dividend Announcement

Public islamic select treasure fund’ll b closed 4 invest’m 18 jul. Total return last 1yr 23.14%. Since commencement in 2008, total return is 39.31%. Can do epf


PSmallCap Dividend Announcement

Wow! PSMALLCAP declaring distribn 12sen/unit! Based on last fin yr avg price ~89.5sen, distribn yield is 13.4%! (Aggressive funds shd not be invested for their distribns but distribns are also an indicatn of fund performance.) Last Fri PSMALLCAP price 78.8sen, ~11% < last yr avg, good time 2 invest now!

PSmallCap Reminder

Urgent!!! LAST 5 DAYS for PISTF (smallcap midcap) ie LAST DAY dis FRI 15Jul (EPF cases by 2pm @ office, cash cases by 4pm @ PBB). DONT MISS, pls ref 2 my email. After dis, ALL our funds with smallcap wil be CLOSED! PSmallCap has bn our BEST performing fund!!!

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