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Read TheSun pg 13 abt Poh Kong n gold… Msia total gold sale is rm3B! mh


GVM Announcement

Meeting announced GV has bought a private Swiss bank, in future u may build international gold biz without bringing money back to Msia.

Introduction of GVM

Please be informed that Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd bank account is CIMB Islamic A/C No. 14560000510100 and to specific on Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd CIMB Islamic Account. From: Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd

SGV Annual Dinner

Samudra-GV will be organizing annual dinner on 25-2- 2011 at Berjaya Time Square Manhattan Hotel, K.L. Please contact Miss Alice Chin at 03-79881201 for registration on or before 8-2-2011. Thank you. >>Samudra-GV

SGV Syariah Compliance

Our Gold is Bank Negara approved Syariah Compliance now. 4 yr sound track record. U keep gold @home n earn 2%/mth Hibah =24%/yr. Js

SGV Gold Talk Workshop

Samudra-GV “Gold Talk Workshop” an excellent opportunity for new prospects on 22-1-2011 at 2pm – 5pm in 10th Floor, Maju Tower, KL. Please contact Miss Ashley Chin at 03-79809993 for registration. >>Samudra-GV

SGV Announcement

Please be informed that CIMB Bank will be stationed at SGV Gold shop to assist on op ening new CIMB account on 27-12-2010 & 28-12-2010 from 3pm – 6pm. Remember to bring along a copy of your I/C for registration. Please contact Miss Winnie Lim at 0123925003 for further enquiry. Thank you. >>Samudra-GV

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